Steel and Aluminum-Two Great Metal Roofing Materials, Each Have Their "Strengths"

If you are a Builder or a Designer who is considering the Difference between metal and steel as a choice of a metal roof here you can get some useful information. Commercial and Residential metal roofing is made of aluminum or steel and both the products are made up at a hill. A protective barrier will be found on both sides of the sheet known as a metallic coating which can protect them against the rusting. Metallic coating use galvanized in which 100% zinc would be used for the thickness. These metallic coatings protect the iron in steel from the oxidation when exposed to air or moisture.

Steel residential roofing is generally 24 to 26 gauges, having a higher gauge made it thinner than the lower. Steel and aluminum roofing perform metal roofing materials however in the case of aluminum roofing you have to choose the exact product that can run up to twenty percent higher as compared to steel roofing. Aluminum is extremely resistant whereas the steel is more susceptible to the seawater damage over time.

In the case of warranties, both are different as well. Both metal and steel provide a good warranty option but the finish warranty for coastal areas not provided for the steel panel. Exposure testing, however, the Aluminum is up to three-time more effective than steel material. If weight is the critical factor for your roofing project you roofing contractor will find the aluminum much lighter than steel and Both the materials are lightweight in comparison with other roofing material like asphalt shingles.

Aluminum is more malleable and it can be configured in most complex profiles than steel. Both roofing materials are the best energy efficient that can naturally reflect lights and emits heat. you can take advice from your roofing contractor while choosing between them for your project.